Despite all efforts, the cupertinos have not managed to fully fix the problem with the keyboard in the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Users continue to complain about sticky keys. While Apple has no plans to somehow radically change the situation. But some actions are still being taken.

According to recent reports, Apple has sent notifications to the employees of the Apple Store, saying that the repair of the keyboard should be a priority for employees of the Genius Bar. The company wants to repair keyboards happen as quickly as possible. Ideally, it should only take one working day.

At the moment, keypad repair takes at least three days. However, some users note that they had to wait more than a week to get back a working laptop.

Sources report that in addition to sending notifications to the user, Apple also took care of the increase in stocks of spare parts. Thus, the company hopes to significantly reduce the repair time. However, it is worth noting that while all this is true only for the Apple Store. In authorized service centers repair time keyboards will remain the same.


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