Apple wants to use iPhone as a replacement passport for identification of the owner. Information about the patent application was published on the website of the US patent office which has registered the patent.

The documentation describes the device with NFC support that will be able to identify the user as an ordinary passport. To do this he will need to put the iPhone to a special sensor, which is a secure Protocol will receive the necessary passport data and will compare information with government agencies. Technology will be used in airports and train stations to speed up the registration process.

Guarantee confirm the identity of the owner will be system Touch ID and Face ID, and there’s a problem. If, for example, the iPhone added a few fingerprints (or another entity), another user will be able to be identified instead of the owner. Therefore, of the full replacement passports, of course, is not talking.

At the same time, this method is a quick confirmation of identity can be useful in less secure locations — e.g. for a quick check at the event.


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