Apple devices-enabled voice assistant Siri constantly listening to the surrounding sounds. When you hear the code phrase or something according to artificial intelligence-like, and the recording and the program proceeds to the speech recognition. For the user it looks fast process, which appears on the screen in response to a search request or confirmation of any action. However, from the point of view of the program at this time is somewhat complicated processes, the quality of which sometimes you want to test. The most obvious way is to compare the original user’s question with the answer of the smartphone on it.

To perform such work required a large number of employees, which Apple can’t. Therefore, the company pays a huge amount of data for processing subcontractors. Based on your sources, The Guardian argues that the record does not moderated and they are saved all personal data. Moreover, in some cases, Siri is activated in a random sound or touch and write are conversations, where participants in principle, did not involve treatment to the voice assistant and aedificatio speech. This information was commented by the representatives of Apple. According to them, the processing is transferred about 1% of all audio files and to associate speaking people with their real Apple ID is almost impossible. From the point of view of the company, everything is within the user agreement, as well as the complete anonymity of users.

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