A group of 78 users in the US filed against Apple a class action lawsuit in the case of the slow iPhone with worn batteries, reports MacRumors. Despite the fact that this topic is already rather lost in relevance, interest is focused on the language that plaintiffs use in the statement of claim.

The slowdown in iPhone

By their actions, Apple has violated the California Law on consumer protection, ascertain the plaintiffs. Even if we consider that reducing the computing power of the iPhone with a worn out battery, the company pursued the goal to extend their lifespan, it only confirms the version that the smartphone was originally designed incorrectly, as it required the prompt intervention of the vendor.

“The device was designed wrong, and Apple was forced to release an update to programmatically hide the defects, — quotes Bloomberg an excerpt from the statement of claim. — Their actions only worsened the consequences of the defects, navyaz … customers with extra services.”

Regardless of any factors, every iPhone owner sooner or later faced with the manifestations of the described defect. Attempts to resolve it invariably entailed financial costs regardless of whether the owner to buy a new machine to replace the dying old one or simply replace the battery.


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