Not everyone liked the contest without prizes.

Earlier in the week Apple announced about holding a photo contest for iPhone users. Until February 7, everyone is welcome to share their photos on the iPhone with the hashtag #ShotOniPhone in social networks, and then Apple picks the best shots for use on their billboards around the world. Any awards, including cash, the competition does not imply that too expensive for many iPhone users.

In the community of the Apple there was a lot of negative feedback about the new photo contest company. Users think that Apple should offer the participants the prizes, for example, the new iPhone models. Given that the winners in the competition will be just 10 from such a small number of prizes, the company would have gone bankrupt, I believe not happy with the terms of the contest users.

All winners for photos on iPhone — placing his name on the images on the billboards of Apple. Some users felt such award is sufficient, but much more unhappy.

On the other hand, if Apple offered the winners a really valuable prizes, the contest would have attracted professional photographers, images which would definitely better, than normal users. It is assumed that this logic adhered to by Apple, working out the rules of the contest.

Source: Reddit.


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