Analysts called X iPhone the most popular smartphone on the market. In terms of sales “jubilee” Apple’s flagship for several months avoided major competitors. However, according to recent reports, Apple misjudged the demand for a possible “top ten” now in the warehouses of partners of the company gathered a large number of components for the iPhone X.

It is worth noting that this situation is atypical for Apple. Usually cupertinos accurate enough to predict the possible sales of new devices. But in the case of iPhone X the forecasts were overstated. At least, as reported by some online sources.

It should be understood that Apple always ordered the partners a little more components than necessary. This approach allowed to cope with high demand for Apple’s smartphones in selected markets. However, in the case of iPhone X sources familiar with the situation say that the components in warehouses gathered three times more than usual.

It is difficult to say exactly how Apple plans to use the remaining components. It is possible that some components will be used in the production of a new iPhone.


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