Apple was fined $11.4 million for the slowing iPhone Evroperehodnik the Italian government adopted the decision on compulsory collecting from Apple in the amount of $11.4 million euros.

This penalty final point in the investigation of the forced deceleration by the company iPhones lost capacity battery. This scandal was actively discussed almost the entire first half of 2018.

Apple later confirmed that with the aim of increasing the autonomy of the smartphone, whose battery is not in perfect condition because of “the physical processes occurring lithium included in the lithium batteries over time,” the software has reduced the frequency of the processor.

As compensation for moral damages, the company offered a battery replacement service to all users affected by this problem at a special discounted price.

In the amount of the fine is included and additional recovery with Apple for being “insufficiently informed users about the proper use of batteries and their replacement.”

Together with Apple got under distribution and Samsung. South Korean smartphone manufacturer will have to pay $5.7 million in favor of the EU budget.

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