Apple has not yet appealed the fine.

Italian authorities fined Apple € 11.4 m for intentional slowdown iPhone with depleted battery. Representatives of the Antimonopoly regulator of Italy noted that the updates, which led to the deliberate slowing of iPhone has forced many users to think about buying a new smartphone.

Antimonopoly service of Italy has conducted its own investigation and came to the conclusion that Apple should be responsible for needlessly slowing down the iPhone. Officials pointed out that Apple not only slowed the smartphone, but did not tell its customers properly. In this regard, the fine controller, and was so great.

At the end of 2017, it became known that the iPhone with depleted batteries operate with reduced performance. Originally found out about it regular users, and after the act of slowing down was confirmed by experts. Only after that Apple issued an official statement about what the company really slowed down the iPhone to prevent accidental disconnection.

The fact that Apple is a long time to hide this feature of the iPhone caused a flurry of criticism in the direction of the company. A study of the situation has engaged the authorities of many countries, and ordinary users have filed against Apple no less than 100 times. Despite this, the penalty for Italy was the first that Apple would have to pay for slowing iPhone.


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