Apple CEO Tim cook called on Bloomberg to refute an article saying that China has established a microarray for the surveillance of American companies, including Apple.

“I think they have to refute your material. In this story there is no truth about the Apple. They need to do the right thing,” said BuzzFeed cook.

The publication notes that this is the first case where the company requests to withdraw an article on its own.

According to cook, Apple conducted an internal investigation and “turned the company upside down.”

“I checked e-mail, write, data center, financial records, and records for shipments, but each time came to the same conclusion: this was not” — said the CEO.

October 4, Bloomberg Businessweek published an investigation, in which, with reference to 17 sources in the US intelligence community reported that China had installed spyware microchips on motherboards from Super Micro. The Board of this company was in dozens of American companies and organizations. In total, according to Bloomberg, the surveillance was carried out in 30 companies, including Apple and Amazon. Chips was accidentally discovered in the Amazon.

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