Apple Watch 4 do not follow the fall of the owner, while he molodov Apple Watch Series 4 introduced a new feature Detection falls. If the user fell for a long time does not move, the watch will call the emergency services.

As it turned out, this feature is disabled by default but can be enabled manually. The chip automatically starts to work if you are over the age of 65.

To activate it you must go into the Emergency call SOS app Watch.

In technical documentation it is written that the Detection of falls monitors only serious fall. In this case, watch “tap” on the wrist, activates the alarm with the countdown timer…

From the options displayed on the screen, you can choose “I fell but I’m fine,” “I fell” or “Emergency call SOS” button to contact the emergency services. If the user does not move for about a minute, start the timer for 15 seconds and then will call emergency services and travel information to selected contacts.

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