Smart watch Apple Watch have once again helped to save human life. The incident occurred with a cyclist riding in riverside state Park in America.

Gabe Burdett (Burdett Gabe) was going to go mountain Biking with his dad Bob. Bob fell off the bike before he arrived his son. Watch Bob automatically detect bad fall and sent a text message on the iPhone Gabe, informing about the incident.

The fall location was close to the appointed meeting place. And Gabe Burdett managed to find the father sent the clock to the card. Coordinates also helped the emergency services to find the victim, when the watch sent a message to 911. Bob Burdett hit his head and was unconscious until the ambulance arrived.

The victim was assisted by and he’s fine. The Apple Watch also played a role to help brother Gabe Casey to get to the hospital, where they took their father.

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