With the help of police at the specified coordinates was determined the address and sent the doctors. Arrived at the ambulance crew found a locked door, and the hostess could not open the door. They had to call the fire brigade and force his way into the apartment. It turned out that the unnamed 80-year-old inhabitant of Munich is home alone and she had no one to help.

Fortunately, the woman suffered only slightly, and her health is not threatened. Since she was not able to disable the alarm, the smart watch first, called emergency assistance, and then reported the incident to the son of the owner. Hospitalization, the patient was not required, so that the doctors waited for her cousin and left.

The fourth generation of the Apple Watch has the function of determining the fall of man. It is available for users over the age of 65 years: the manufacturer believes that if you’re younger, it is likely unable to play sports, and high probability of false alarm. In case of activation the owner has a few seconds to cancel, then the gadget will automatically call emergency services and report the incident to the numbers listed in the section “medical info” from the iOS system settings.

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