Apple Watch often save the owners life. 9News tells us how smart clock pointed to the man from Australia on a very serious health problem.

Losing a loved one or experiencing a big shock, people often say that their heart has a hole. However, for the 24-year-old Adam Lava, this is not a metaphorical expression.

“Heart rate during sleep reached up to 130-140 beats per minute, although I rested the night at about six o’clock,” — said the young man Australian channel 9News.

This pulse is at rest is typical for a newborn baby but not for adult men.

As it turned out during the examination, because of the peculiarities of the structure of the heart Adam’s blood is circulated only to one of the lungs and back, without going through a complete circulation, leading to insufficient blood supply to other organs.

The young man has already had surgery and is undergoing rehabilitation. Adam admits that he became an even bigger fan of the Apple Watch:

“I don’t think I will live without them. I like that the smart watch is comfortable to use, and that they helped to draw attention to serious medical problem, which I didn’t even know existed. And it saved my life.”

Sensor heart rate, Apple Watch, not infrequently forces the user to notice deviations in the body and seek the advice of a specialist. As a rule, it helps to detect the diseases to which people did not pay attention.


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