Smart watch Apple Watch saved the life of an elderly resident of the U.S. state of Washington Bob Burdette. This was the son of the victim Gabe wrote in Facebook.

Bob Burdett and his son Gabe was going to ride mountain bikes in riverside Park, Washington. They agreed to meet, but to the destination of Bob is not reached.

The man fell off his bike on the road and was seriously injured. He lost consciousness and was unable to seek help. In this situation, rescued a “smart watch” Apple Watch Bob identified bad fall and immediately called the emergency service 911.

It also sent a message about the incident on the iPhone Gabe, it was indicated the location of Bob, and son was easy to find my father. Burdett, Sr. was badly hit and remained unconscious until the ambulance arrived. At the hospital the man was less than half an hour after the fall.

Apple Watch Series 4 and later have the function of fall detection. It is disabled by default, if the wearer is less than 65 years, but it can be activated through the app Watch on iPhone.


The program works automatically: if after the fall of the wearer does not disable the warning about the fall, the Apple Watch calls the emergency services. If the application specifies the contact details for urgent communication, the information about the incident and send to this person.

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