Apple has released an update watchOS 5.1.2 for their smart watches. It appeared the application for ECG.

When one of the users updated their gadgets and used the program, he received the unexpected result of atrial fibrillation. He decided cleared ECG again, but the results remained the same.

The user then asked his spouse to wear the Apple Watch. Gadget a few times show a normal result. Then the man decided to go to the clinic.

After doctors removed his EKG, the doctor said that the gadget has saved its owner’s life. After that the man went to see a cardiologist, according to 9to5mac.

Earlier wrote that the Russian luxury brand Caviar has presented a Christmas collection of smart hours Apple Watch 4 Series. The main decorations of products were three kinds of “caviar” — rubies and diamonds of red, black and white.

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