In the second quarter of 2018 Apple Watch remained the most popular smart watch on the market. While the most popular not the newest model hours. It turned out that many people still purchase the Apple Watch Series 1.

Apple introduced the Apple Watch Series 1 in September 2014. However, these watches are still popular among users. According to analysts Counterpoint, this watch prefers 9 out of 10 buyers.

It is worth noting that some analysts have previously reported the high popularity of the Apple Watch Series 3 with the module LTE. This watch is really popular, but only in some markets. This is due to the fact that the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE don’t work in all regions. But where they can fully use, users often choose this model.

Recall that on 12 September Apple will unveil the Apple Watch Series 4. A distinctive feature of the new generation Apple smart watch should be a display with a thin framework. The screen size will be slightly increased, and the overall dimensions of the device will remain at the level of the Apple Watch Series 3.


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