New smart watch Apple will definitely be a hit.

This week from Apple’s official website there was a major leak, which became known to the final design of the iPhone XS and the Apple Watch Series 4. But if the iPhone XS looks virtually identical to iPhone, Apple Watch Series 4 can be considered a model of a new generation. Visual comparison of the design of the Apple Watch Series 4 with the original model clearly shows a huge difference between the hours.

A Reddit user has created an animation that shows clearly the difference between Series 4 Apple Watch and Apple Watch 0 Series. Major changes visible to the naked eye. Display new smart watch Apple has become noticeably larger and stronger than its edges are rounded. Screen magnification was due to the decrease of the framework around the perimeter. Now they are almost invisible.

The comparison showed other differences. Side button the new Apple Watch Series 4 more flat. Slightly altered and the appearance of the wheel, the Digital Crown. Its diameter remains the same, but the thickness decreased. Between Digital Crown and side button a new hole. It is assumed that it is intended for a microphone.

In other words, the Apple Watch Series 4 have a lot of differences from previous generations of smart watches Apple. The difference, of course, makes a larger display, which can display much more useful information.

The announcement of the Apple Watch Series 4 will be held on 12 September.

Source: Reddit.


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