According to the latest report of the analytical company IDC, Xiaomi is the largest supplier of wearable devices in the world. Not the last role was played by popular bracelet Xiaomi Mi Band 3. Apple with its Apple Watch was on the second place.

In the third quarter of this year, global shipments of wearable devices reached 32 million units. While 6.9 million devices set by the company Xiaomi. This allowed Chinese manufacturers to occupy 21.5% of the market. In comparison with the same period last year, sales of wearable devices Xiaomi grew more than 90%. Experts note that the greatest demand for the products of Chinese manufacturer is now observed in China, Russia, India and some European countries.

As for Apple, during the reporting period, kupertinovtsy shipped 4.2 million Apple Watch. Now Apple controls slightly more than 13% of the market of wearable gadgets. In comparison with last year the volume of deliveries increased by 54%.

Closed the three of leaders of the Fitbit. In the third quarter of this year, she only showed negative growth in sales. In comparison with the last year of delivery of the devices from Fitbit dropped by more than 3%. The top five also includes Huawei and Samsung, who took fourth and fifth places respectively.


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