For many one of the most interesting features of the Apple Watch Series 4 was built-in ECG scanner. If this does not work – the scanner software is blocked. However, according to recent data, measure EKG owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 can immediately after the release of the final version of watchOS 5.1.2.

The sources report that the use of a new capability not available in all countries. First, ECG scanner is unlocked only in USA, since there is only hours have passed additional certification. However, earlier in the network already appeared information about how users can bypass such restriction. For this you just need to change the region settings of the Apple Watch.

In favor of the fact that an ECG scanner will be included, says that Apple Store employees have already received some instruction regarding the new features. In particular, they must notify buyers of the Apple Watch Series 4 that a new scanner is not intended to diagnose or replace traditional diagnostic methods.

Earlier it was reported that with the scanner, ECG users will be able to identify the signs of atrial fibrillation bad heart rhythm. These data then can be shared with the doctor, and the latter will have to appoint additional examination and treatment if needed.


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