After a cheap iPad cupertinos revealed an updated Apple Watch. Externally, the new Apple smart watch virtually unchanged. However, Apple has provided a number of features which distinguish a new product in the background of his predecessors.

One of the key innovations of the Apple Watch Series 5 is the display, which is always on. The autonomy of the hours remained at the same level. This was achieved thanks to the advanced system of energy saving, which reduces the screen brightness to the minimum level and the display rate is only 1 Hz at the moment when the user looks at the display.

In addition, the owners of the new Apple Watch will be able when you need to make calls to emergency numbers in different countries. However, this possibility is only in models with LTE.

Despite numerous rumors, the new watch has not received a sleep tracker. However, coparcenary several modified existing dials, and also released the Apple Watch in the new section: ceramic and titanium. Watch from aluminum and steel also remain on sale.

From the innovations is also possible to note two new colors: “Natural titanium” and “Cosmic black Titan”. In the first case, the body almost does not collect fingerprints, and the second has deep black color thanks to the diamond-like coating. In Russia, Apple watch Series 5 (GPS) can be purchased from 32 990 rubles. Pre-order starts September 18, and the official sale should start on Friday, September 20.


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