As part of the September presentation Apple did not pay particular attention to filling their new smart watches. However, recently developed by Steve Trouton Smith studied the latest build of Xcode and learned some details about the processor that is installed in the Apple Watch Series 5.

On the official website of Apple stated that the new smart watches are equipped with 64-bit dual-core processor, the S5. In terms of performance it is superior to the S3 twice. But now it became known that the index of S5 there is a system on a chip (SoC), which includes the old processor and the new display controller and a built-in compass.

According to Steve Troton-Smith, Xcode indicated that the new Apple watch is equipped with the exact same processor and graphics as the Apple Watch Series 4. Thus, we can say that the novelty will differ from the previous Apple Watch only a few controllers and a large number of built-in memory. Recall that Apple Watch Series 5 storage capacity increased to 32GB.

The developer does not see in such decision there is nothing particularly bad Apple. The use of old components allows you to not worry about what the Apple Watch Series 4 will work a lot slower than the new model.


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