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Smart watches new generation of Apple’s Apple Watch Series 4 went on sale in Russia on September 28. A special version of the gadget the Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+, is equipped with a “breathable” strap from Apple and Nike, also appeared in the shop, but the timing of delivery was unknown. From today smart watch with an unusual strap from Nike became officially available for purchase.

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ is a special version of smart hours Apple new generation. Its main feature are the sports band, was created by Apple in conjunction with the company Nike. Brand straps of the Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ is available in two types: with holes for ventilation and a classic look without the holes. According to statistics, buyers give preference to models of straps with holes, as they allow the hand to “breathe” during exercise.

Also on the Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ pre-installed exclusive dials are useful during sports, in particular Jogging. When cross-country training the users of the Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ helps the default app Nike Run Club.

Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+ went on sale in the official Russian online Apple store. The cost of the 38-millimeter model ranges from 32 990 rubles. For the 42 mm version is necessary to pay from 34 990 rubles, depending on the strap. Note that the value of the underlying conventional models of the Apple Watch Series 4 and Nike+ are no different.

Source: Apple.


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