The market of wearable gadgets is becoming more diverse. Does it make sense to buy smart watch Apple, and whether or not modern man needs such a device. Try to understand.


Many researchers are concerned that modern people, increasingly there are cases of dependence on smartphones. We constantly keep our gadgets in hand, to be in the know and not miss anything. To combat this situation you can go the Danish way and to seal the screen of the smartphone the stickers, and you can move the gadget from the palm to the wrist.

Apple Watch — avatar iPhone

Smart watch work great in the Apple ecosystem. They are able to display all notifications coming to your smartphone, so user no need to touch your iPhone.

Using the smart watch to find the time, and on the screen there is a place for all the most popular apps.

One of the models of the Apple Watch Series 3 can even receive calls. Unfortunately, this functionality is not yet available in Russia. But if it appears, for most people, time for active smartphone usage can be substantially reduced.


Activity tracking and workout intensity is very important for those who lead a healthy life.

Interesting and useful to me to know how many steps I took per day and what distance was overcome. For me, this is an informative indicator because I walk a lot and walk the dog three times a day.

All of this may counting and iPhone, but I haven’t put the smartphones in the pockets, and on my many things they simply do not. When I’m home, iPhone is on the table or is charging, because often I need both hands. Therefore, the entire home activity is not counted by the smartphone. And those who once cleaned the apartment know what a good cleaning can replace intensive training.

When Jogging and the gym is good to trace and heart rate. To spend time effectively, you need to keep the heart rate in a certain area. Maybe, Apple Watch not give 100% accuracy changes, but such data are better than nothing.

Unlike a simple fitness bracelets, the Apple Watch can detect different types of physical activity. So the accounting of expended energy will give more information for training analysis.

With the Apple Watch goes into a pool, and the water resistance is a very useful property.

Besides, the smart watch can replace the player, and it’s one less gadget.

Yes, Apple Watch won’t know how much I eat. But, first, I know it. My homemade meals are pretty balanced, almost all foods have information about energy value and nutrients, and many cafes even in our city list their calories. So I don’t need a strict accounting of power consumption.

Secondly, for those who are watching your weight or on a diet for medical reasons, there are many apps that allows you to record the type and volume of eaten food. The same Xiaomi can’t do it.


Smart alarm clock that takes into account sleep phases and picking the optimal time of awakening, it may be especially useful for those that likes to sleep late, but I have to get up early in the morning.

I like it especially interesting because first, I can not Wake the rest of the household; and secondly, to stand up chipper.

Before, I often use “postpone” on the iPhone and put off the alarm several times this morning. And it was quite comfortable until my dog became an adult and cunning. He wakes at night and in the morning asking to use the toilet, but only up to the alarm. Watch rang — all, get up, go to shower, get dressed and went outside. No, no, “another nine minutes”. I don’t know what phase of sleep will catch me a call. When the habit of plus or minus fifteen minutes is not as critical, but the idea easily and without any coercion, to get up in the morning seems very attractive.

The Arguments “Against”

These factors can also be called “doubts” or “personal characteristics”.

Something on hand

I don’t wear on the hands is almost nothing. Many of my friends also go with loose wrists. Therefore, the appearance of a very heavy accessory can cause discomfort. On the other hand, some people cannot imagine a life without watches and bracelets, how much you get used to them.


I’m allergic to metal. It does not manifest itself in everyday life, and quite often I forget about it. And remember when we are rash. The treatment is very simple – not contact with the allergen. Previously, the biggest problem was the buttons in my jeans, but now manufacturers more responsibly monitor the quality of the hardware.

Whether a reaction to the aluminum body and the elements of the straps of the Apple Watch, hard to say. For the test I need to carry them for an hour or so to try out the device before the purchase is unlikely to succeed.

The size and screen

Slim fitness bracelets can be quite weightless, but the dimensions of the Apple Watch will have to be considered. And with active gestures and working hands likely to scratch or break the screen about increases.


The Xiaomi trackers are pretty cheap. There are accessories and middle price segment, and the Apple Watch will have to pay 24 490 rubles. iPhone SE is not much more expensive.

Not enough functions

Besides the fact that not all applications are adapted to the Apple Watch, I personally do not have enough of “tethering”. I often travel out of the city and come in with a laptop in places where no Wi-Fi to distribute the Internet from phone, good cheap unlimited Internet allows you to do this.

If the price of the accessory allows me to compare it to, though not with the best smartphone, I want to get all the usual functions and not only part of them.

So I am thinking and waiting for the fall. Suddenly everything changes, and Cellular will work in our country and the Apple Watch Series 4 will receive the innovations that will dispel all doubts.


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