Recently in the Network regularly appear dissatisfied comments to the iPhone Xs/Xs Max. The reason was the unstable operation of the charger, Bluetooth module and speakers. Now, the complaints rained down on the smart watch Watch 4 from the same Apple.

Users noted that after the transition from summer time to winter time “smart” watches stop working. In fact, the watch starts to reboot, out of which bring them not. Today this problem has affected only residents of Australia. Among the arguments about the possible reason for such behavior of the gadget, the most popular assumption is that the reboot causes the bug in the dial “Infograf”, which can not cope with the preparation of schedules to the new time. Roughly speaking, the reason is that the dial is the first thing you see after you turn on the screen of a smart watch when you turn.

Experts believe that this problem can appear at any time, so if the user decides to visit the country in a different time zone, it is possible that in this case he will face a cyclical restart of the gadget. In Apple’s situation is not commented.

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