New Apple watch received FDA approval — us regulator, which controls the quality of medicines and medical products. About it reports NBC News.

A smart watch from Apple is not only important in themselves as a specific gadget and a novelty on the market, namely as yet another link in the chain of transition from medicine in which the physician interacts directly with patients, a new concept in which there is at least a triangle “patient-gadget-doctor”. This is the opinion of the adviser of the General Director of the International medical cluster Faina Filina.

Traditional medicine, involving regular visits of the patient in medical institutions, more and more gives way to remote decisions, the essence of which is that the processes of primary examination be decentralized and can be implemented quickly, saving efforts for patients in the best possible conditions for them. The world of medicine is increasingly moving towards models of Home Care, based on the fact that instead of going to the clinic in a great many cases, just look at the screen of a smartphone or other portable device. Telemedicine, VR and AR simulators, gadgets from Apple and other manufacturers are harbingers of the future, the expert believes.

“The opportunity to take an electrocardiogram with a portable device, provided in the new model of the Apple Watch, is of great importance for combating cardiovascular disease, because in the field of cardiology, it is important to recognize the problem — sometimes the account goes on a minute. It is a pity only that the main advantage of this solution (ability to send electrocardiogram readings to the doctor in pdf format) will be available in the foreseeable future, only residents of the USA: in other countries, this feature of the Apple Watch yet implemented will not be”, — says Faina Filina.

At the same time other medical options the Apple Watch is quite traditional: the count of heart rate (heart rate monitor, which was presented already in the previous models) is rather a fashionable and interesting toy, not a practical solution, with the potential for application in medicine, said the expert.

His role, as the role of other Apple Watch apps that help, for example, diet, or regime, is rather that they bring in the owner of the gadget habit to monitor their well-being, and generally improving his willingness and desire to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Basically the functionality of the medical options in the same Apple Watch covers only a part of indicators that should be measured to assess human health. Some expectations remained while in vain, for example, that the new smartwatch will feature a UV sensor that can determine not whether the person is excessive exposure to sunlight and whether it shouldn’t go into the shadows.

For the full implementation of the concept of Home Care in the lives of gadgets to reach the level where they will track and send doctors all the main indicators of human activity, including not only ECG data, but also body temperature, the level of saturation of blood oxygen, blood sugar and others. In an ideal scenario, such a watch should be so carefully assessed in a second mode indications of human activity, for example, to warn him about the possibility of fainting or a signal that should not drive because of fatigue.

However, the appearance on the market of such gadgets as the Apple Watch, says that wearable devices with medical options are improving more and more and that the concept of Home Care, eliminating in many cases the need for personal access to a doctor, may become a reality in the near future.

“Maybe in a few decades we will live in a new reality, in which the frequency of visits to the clinic will be reduced to the most minimal of indicators and in which all diagnoses in medicine will be done mostly remotely. New Apple Watch is this the future of medical reality, of course, approximate,” — concludes Faina Filina.

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