Apple is developing its own app for monitoring sleep.

Apple is developing its own technology for tracking sleep, which in future will be smart watches Apple Watch. To Bloomberg, the company is already several months testing a new feature the Apple Watch in secret laboratories in its headquarters in Cupertino.

A new feature of the Apple Watch is in an active phase of development and testing. In that case, if testing the sleep tracking is successful, Apple will add it in the Apple Watch. Sources said that the wait for an innovation only Apple Watch sample 2020, that is in the Apple Watch Series 6.

Analogues of the Apple Watch, for example, from the company Fitbit, a long time feature of tracking sleep. Apple with the introduction of such features in the Apple Watch is not in a hurry. The main reason is not the biggest battery life of the Apple Watch that is less than 24 hours. Because of this, the night of the Apple Watch should not be on the hand of the user, and the charging dock. However, the sleep tracker with the Apple Watch is possible with third-party applications, such as AutoSleep.

It is expected that the Apple Watch the next generations will be able to work much longer without recharging. In this case, the function of sleep monitoring will be useful to users of smart watches.

Source: Bloomberg.


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