Apple Watch will learn to measure ECG after the release of watchOS 5.1.2 in Addition to the redesign and change of the diagonal of the display, one of the unique features of the Apple Watch Series 4 was the measurement of the electrocardiogram.

Alas, from the day of start of sales accessory, it’s been a few months, and the promised feature still doesn’t work. During the September announcement, Apple warned that the ECG will become available “later in 2018”.

MacRumors got access to internal documents Apple. According to the report, the ECG in the Apple Watch Series 4, show release 5.1.2 watchOS, immediately after the completion of beta testing.

Example interface of the ECG of the official Apple announcement.

Work measurement ECG will be like this: the user should hold the finger on the wheel hours for 30 seconds. Reading through the skin electrical impulses, the watch will create a detailed picture of the heart.

ECG on the Apple Watch first Series 4 will work exclusively in the United States. But there is a way to enable and Russia. You only need to change the region to USA. We have to wait watchOS 5.1.2.

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