For many years third-party developers and publishers criticized the App store. According to them, Apple are not only a monopoly, but are constantly changing “rules of the game” by promoting their own solutions and services. Apple today said all such charges.

According to representatives of the Apple company, they only welcome competition in the App Store. But Apple doesn’t want in her shop was located more inferior or substandard programs. Therefore, the company “takes responsibility” and watching “so that applications meet the highest standards of confidentiality and security.” In this case, all the requirements spelled out in the special rules.

According to the representatives of Apple in week the censors and automatic algorithms store check 100 000 apps. However, only a third of them are not moderated and sent back for revision. Others appear on the shelves of the App Store.

As for the allegations of “foul play”, the company States that it welcomes the competition. If this were not so, then in the App Store there would be no analogue of the standard iOS apps. In fact it is not. As an example, a Corporation enumerates the list of apps that compete with built-in programs. Among them you can find Spotify, Dropbox, Google Drive, Messenger, Viber, Gmail, Evernote, YouTube and many others.

In addition cupertinos noted that they are trying to stimulate and promote the development of programs for iOS. Specifically for this Apple was working on a more simple and intuitive tools, conducts training courses and provides free educational materials.

However, all this does not explain why after adding in iOS some features from the App Store lost some third-party applications. So it was with programs that copied the function of the Screen time. While third-party solutions were available in the App Store long before the appearance of such features in iOS.


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