American Corporation Apple is in the final stages of testing OLED displays for iPhone production China’s BOE Technology Group. Its products, Apple wants to replace the screens from Samsung, writes the Nikkei.

The publication’s source claims that the decision to screen will take to the end of the year. But the fact that the test has reached a stage indicating a high probability of changing provider. For Chinese companies the contract with Apple, which is considered one of the most demanding manufacturers of smartphones, would be a great success.

Such OLED displays do not produce neither the United States nor in Japan. Because of this, Apple buys them in South Korea is Samsung, which occupies more than 90 percent of the market, and LG. Successful tests of products BOE also will allow Apple to put pressure on your current partner and part-time main competitor to force it to reduce prices.

Founded in 1993, BOE Technology Group in recent years has received tens of billions of dollars from the Chinese authorities. Beijing with the help of trying to learn a new link in the chain of production of consumer electronics. The market for OLED displays is growing very fast. According to IDTechEx, this year it will reach $ 30 billion, which is 4.5 billion more than in the past. Now BOE is supplying the displays for Mate X — flagship smartphone Chinese company Huawei, the rival Samsung Galaxy Fold. Also beginning in 2017, LCD-screens production BOE install on MacBook and iPad. They can withstand competition from the traditional market players such as Samsung, LG, JDI and Sharp.

The article says that Apple will use OLED displays in all new smartphones that will represent next year. Perhaps if the BOE successfully pass the test, then the Chinese will be the screen supplier. But before they can engage in the production of displays for repair and replacement in older iPhone models. The display is the most expensive component of the iPhone. In the model iPhone X it accounts for about 30 percent of the cost.

On Tuesday, August 20, U.S. President Donald trump called on Apple to move production from China. At a meeting with Romanian President Klaus Johannis, the President said that the authorities seriously help the Corporation, but if she did not obey in the matter of transfer of power from China, expect problems. Before trump after a personal conversation with the head of Apple Tim cook said that the arguments of the interlocutor in the issue of the duties against China made him think.

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