Several years it remained a constant leader among IT companies, but global corporations in General, Apple by the end of 2018 has lost its leadership, after a nearly 10 percent drop in the value of shares on the eve “fell” from the fourth line.

Here is the top largest companies by market capitalization at the close of trading in the U.S. on 3 January:

Microsoft — 747,79 billion dollars

Amazon — 733,59 billion dollars

Alphabet — 710,18 billion dollars

Apple — 674,75 billion dollars

Cause another sharp fall in the value of shares was neojidannoe recognition of leadership “Apple” of the company: for the first time in a couple of decades, the company warned investors that its revenue for the last calendar quarter of 2018 (first quarter of next year financial calendar Apple) will be less than expected and 5% less than in the same period a year earlier.

CEO Tim cook has published an open letter to investors in which she explained the mistake of falling demand in the region, including China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, associated with the slowdown of China’s economy and trade war between China and the United States.

Also cook admitted that the smartphone market in developed countries is in the stage of saturation, the consumers no longer change phones every two years so that previous success to the business iPhone is not worth waiting.

Meanwhile, Bloomberg notes, a significant increase in the number of sold Apple smartphones has not been seen for three years, while revenues grew exclusively at the expense of increasing the average price of devices. Already by the end of 2017 analyst firm IDC noted the decline of the global smartphone market by 0.3%, and in 2018, it amounted to 0.7%.

“This trend is formed,” writes Bloomberg columnist Shira the Obed. However, he notes, Apple CEO Tim cook was unwilling to warn investors about future disasters and has consistently fended off questions about the impact of the saturation of the smartphone market to Apple business. For example, in August of 2018 he optimistically said that in the future Apple can sell more iPhones because of consumers changing old smartphones Apple wanting to buy an iPhone instead of a device on another platform, as well as those who have a smartphone are still there. According to the author of the column, it was the answer “straight from 2015”.

The result of the sudden recognition Apple was the fall of the stock price in a day by 9.96%. As noted by CNBC, in just three months, with October 3, the stock fell by 39.1%, while Apple’s market capitalization lost 452 billion. This amount exceeds, for example, market capitalization of Facebook or of financial giant J. P. Morgan and McDonald’s it is possible to buy three times.

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