Became aware of the fact that the management of Apple has decided to hire one and closest allies of US President Donald trump, lobbyist Jeffrey Miller. This decision is due to the company’s desire to reduce the cost of customs duties.

So, with the help of a lobbyist, the company plans to ensure that Apple products were not included in the updated list of products that if Washington and Beijing do not come to a common agreement to December 2019, will be subject to increased duties on import from China. Recall that a few previously, Apple has asked for such in the Office of the U.S. trade representative. In particular, the company representatives were asked not to raise taxes for transportation from China parts for iPhone and Apple Watch.

It is known that current Apple employee Miller previously held the position of Vice-Chairman of the inaugural Committee, and then was involved in raising funds for the implementation of presidential campaign, trump. In the published contract of employment Miller’s no clear information about what responsibilities are coming to a lobbyist, however, it is known that the operation is associated with “trade” and “technological goods and services,” Apple.

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