Apple for sure will not miss her.

Apple can cash in on the augmented reality technology to $11 billion. Most of this amount Apple will receive using their existing capabilities. Sure, Wamsi Mohan, senior analyst at Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

According to him, the wide-scale adoption of augmented reality (AR) will allow Apple to increase its income by $11 billion until 2020. The Board of Apple from applications based on AR technologies will make at least $1 billion from $6 to $8 billion in revenue Apple will bring the iPhone sales growth, supporting a promising technology.

According to the analyst, Apple may equip the iPhone 2019 special 3D sensors by analogy with a system of cameras TrueDepth. Considering the latest rumors that the iPhone 2019 will receive triple the camera, this opinion has a “right to life”. However, as the analyst said, the appearance in the sale of augmented reality glasses , Apple Glasses will allow the company to earn up to $11 billion.

Source: 9to5mac


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