Apple is planning to remove the option Do Not Track from your Safari browser. Recall, this setting aims to ban certain sites to track visitors. However, implementation of Do Not Track disappoint.

Published yesterday notes the release of Mozilla Technology Preview 75 say that the American Corporation finally acknowledged the futility (and often outright harm) Do Not Track.

According to search engine DuckDuckGo, this option are 24.4% of the U.S. users. The searcher also conducted a survey which revealed that half of the users were not even aware that Do Not Track is only for sending request to sites in which the browser “asks” do not track user.

“Work Do Not Track can be compared in efficiency with a huge sign in front of your house that says: “Please do not look in my house.” This, of course, to look back will not be easy,” writes the team DuckDuckGo.

“In fact, it is even worse — corporations like Google, Facebook and Twitter do not respond to included the option Do Not Track”.

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