Tysons Corner Mall Apple Store was the first retail store of the Corporation. It was opened by Steve jobs. However, it is time to update and is a legendary space.

The first Apple outlet was opened in McLean, Virginia, may 19, 2001. The store managed to survive almost intact up to the present time. But the plans of Angela Ahrendts to lead all the Apple Store to the new design concept not been spared in this location.

According to the plans, Apple is going to hold a large-scale finishing work, requiring demolition of some walls. Most likely, several shopping areas will be combined into one. At the time of repair Apple Store will move into the space, which employees of the Corporation will have to find close to Tysons Corner Mall. About the timing of reconstruction is not known.

When 17 years ago Apple decided to start its own retail chain, few believed in the success of this enterprise. However, during the first weekend Tysons Corner Mall Apple Store was visited by more than eight thousand people, and sales of Apple technology amounted to 600 000$.

On YouTube you can find four-minute video in which Steve jobs holds a small tour of the new store. The movie allows us to consider not only the interior but also the goods that have become vintage.


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