During the announcement macOS 10.15 Apple announced the separation of the iTunes application on three separate utilities. But cupertinos not began to spread about the fate of the Windows version of mediabin. It turned out that Apple will continue to support iTunes for Windows.

According to available data, in the near future cupertinos not plan to make any major changes. iTunes will continue to work and split application on macOS will not affect the Windows version of mediacompany.

It is not excluded that in the future the situation will change somewhat. However, this does not happen soon. In order to abandon iTunes, the cupertinos have to create several different applications for Windows. Moreover, it is likely that to sync iPhone and iPad with the computer Apple will have to create a separate utility to go down a path that they have chosen the macOS will not work.

At the moment, many believe that Apple won’t expend energy in order to somehow radically change the Windows version of iTunes. In the best case, the cupertinos will be releasing minor updates with fixes of errors found.


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