Apple recently entered into a settlement agreement with Qualcomm. This allowed the cupertinos solve the problems with 5G modems. However, the sources of The Information noted that Apple has no plans to abandon development of their own solutions. However, will the Apple modem not soon.

Sources believe that to develop and test their own component, Apple will have to spend at least five years, and mobile devices brand modem will appear only in 2025. In the meantime, the cupertinos will use third-party solutions.

Recall that recently, Apple has relied on Intel products. However, the chip maker has faced a number of difficulties. In the end, Intel did not have time at the right time to produce the required the Apple company components. However, some sources claim that Apple originally not too believe in the ability of Intel to create a 5G tethering for the iPhone.

At the moment cupertinos renew the purchase of modems Qualcomm. In this edition of The Wall Street Journal, citing informed sources said that Apple is considering the possibility of purchasing part of Intel’s business. In April last announced the termination of work on 5G modems for mobile devices.


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