Apple announced the creation of the first investment Fund in China in the field of renewable energy.

The new Fund will be created directly by the company, as well as 10 suppliers to Apple. In the next four years, the Fund will invest will invest about $ 300 million. and more than one gigawatt of renewable energy in China. This figure is equivalent to the energy used by one million homes, the newspaper people’s daily online.

The journalists remind that in 2015 Apple has launched a program of clean energy. Since the launch of the programme with 23 partner of Apple for the production of more than 10 countries and regions have promised to use 100% clean energy. Most of them have factories in China. In turn, the Chinese authorities are paying more attention to the protection of the environment. That is why the company decided to create a Fund in the PRC.

Apple has already expressed the hope that this model can spread around the world and help different companies in exerting a positive influence on the environment.

Earlier, the “Free press” reported that China first entered the top 20 innovative economies in the world.

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