MacRumors were able to detect special test build of iOS 13, intended for employees of Apple, hints of plans for engineers to add to the new iPhone the new R1 coprocessor codenamed Rose. He needs to help Apple chip A13 in the number of tasks.

According to the authors of the resource, the coprocessor R1 to something like an extra chip series using the latest iOS determines the spatial location of the iPhone. The new chips should have more features thanks to the use of a larger number of sensors.

In particular, the coprocessors R-series added support for inertial sensor tester (IMU), Bluetooth 5.1, ultrawide band UWB and motion capture from the camera. It is believed that the new additional chips will participate in a new search tracker Apple Tag.

It is expected that Apple tracker will also be presented in the framework of today’s presentation. Using Apple Tag users will be able to search for various objects with very high accuracy, up to several centimeters.


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