Moscow, October 9 — “Conduct. Economy,” the Official publication of the Central Committee of the Communist party of China Renmin Ribao accused Apple that she helps the rebels, Hong Kong, and very soon the company will have problems with the Chinese authorities.

The reason for the disturbance was a hosted app in the Apple app store AppStore. It shows the location of police patrols on the streets of Hong Kong. And considering that lately the riots have become more frequent, the Chinese authorities suspect IT giant in support of the rebels.

According to the publication, the application HKmaps helps users to track the movement of the police and thus avoid a meeting with her. City map is constantly updated thanks to users ‘ reports about the incidents.

The application developer denies that the mapping application bears the harm is or supports illegal activity, claiming that the software is intended for informational purposes only — to allow residents to move freely around the city, avoiding concentrations of protesters. But the Chinese government had a different opinion.

“People’s daily” notes that HKmaps is only the “tip of the iceberg”, since Apple returned to the online store a song, support the independence of Hong Kong, which the company has previously removed. “No one wants to drag the Apple in the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong. But people have reason to believe that Apple is mixing business with politics, and even illegal practices. Apple has to think about the consequences of his foolish and reckless decision,” warns the China Daily.

“Providing access to “toxic applications” hurt the feelings of the Chinese people, distort the facts about events in Hong Kong and is contrary to the views and principles of the Chinese people”, — stated in the message. “Apple and other corporations should be able to distinguish the good from the bad. They should also know that only the prosperity of China and Hong Kong will bring them a wider and sustainable market.”

According to user reports, HKmaps remains the most downloadable app in the “Travel” in the App Store for Hong Kong. At the time of publication the app available in the App Store.

The size of the Chinese market are such that only “economic slowdown” can — and has dealt a serious blow to Apple’s profits. If the company leaves the market, it will be a serious blow to the finances of Cupertino giant. However, having a premium brand, is so tied to the adherence to high standards of ethics and upholding and protection of fundamental human rights, such as privacy, Apple risks being caught between a rock and a hard place.

Such a case occurred recently with the American game company Blizzard. During a tournament for Hearthstone scandal: the players with the nickname blitzchung during the post-fight interview called for the release of Hong Kong. For this Blizzard for a year banned the player and deprived him of prize money from this tournament. The gaming community has called for a boycott of the largest game publisher.

Blizzard has removed the records of the broadcast and interviews with the player and also removed the gamer from the tournament for Hearthstone. The player also lost all earned in Grandmasters 2019 prize. The company said it is outraged by the behavior of the player, as it violated the rules of the tournament, committing action that may cause reputational damage to the brand Blizzard.

However, the growing wave of discontent really threatens the reputation of the publisher. The players collapsed in a Blizzard with sharp criticism in all forums and in social networks. Administrators even had the time to make a forum on Reddit private — it was just flooded with angry topics, accusations and threats.

The protests, supported by us senators. “Blizzard shows that they are ready to be humiliated, if only to please the Communist party of China”,” said Senator Ron Wyden. Senator Marco Rubio is shocked that people who don’t live in China, should be subject to self-censorship on pain of dismissal: “China is using market access as leverage to suppress freedom of speech worldwide. The consequences of this will be felt for a long time when anyone of us will no longer be in politics.”

China is one of the largest markets for Blizzard, the Chinese players make up a significant part of the community. In addition, the Chinese giant Tencent is one of the largest shareholders of Blizzard. Wai Chung touched “sanctions” Blizzard is afraid for his own life, but did not intend to abandon its social activism.

The broader tensions between the US and China also creates additional instability, causing serious problems in the Chinese technological giant Huawei — administration trump puts pressure on the allies in order to give Chinese companies to participate in the deployment of mobile networks of the fifth generation. For technology companies, working with the attractive Asian market, the situation clearly becomes more complicated.

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