After the sudden announcement of Apple AirPods Pro, the network began to circulate about the imminent conversation, the same sudden announcement of the MacBook Pro with 16-inch display. According to the latest data, the device will be demonstrated in the course of this week, but more importantly, after its announcement, the company stopped producing the 15-inch models.

So, the American edition of Bloomberg published an article, according to which not yet introduced the laptop will be sold at a price of 15-inch variant, while he also will have to replace the older version of MacBook Pro, leaving the line with only two options: on 13 and 16 inches. Recall that at the moment the 15-inch MacBook Pro can be bought from 2.4 thousand dollars.

By the way, the Internet insiders say that the novelty will receive a frameless display, whereby the dimensions of the laptop will not differ from the current 15-inch model.

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