Apple this week announced the decision to give hackers a special version of the iPhone and iMac, which will be easier to find vulnerabilities, sources said the us Forbes. According to them, the iPhone for the experiments will receive a special Apple program that find errors in products and get paid for it.

In 2016, Apple announced that payments will reach $200 000. Will there be a reward for the found vulnerabilities in the iMac the same as for iPhone, is unclear, says Forbes USA.

Apple declined to comment.

The iPhone version, which will get the hackers will differ more open than designed for sale device. In particular, hackers can get access to portions of the operating system that normal users can’t see, can stop the processor and check the memory device for vulnerabilities. This will allow them to understand what is happening, when the attacks are coming, says Forbes USA.

In this case, Apple still does not give third-party experts full access to devices: the ability of hackers will be limited in comparison with the authority of the experts the Apple, the source said Forbes USA. For example, it is unlikely that the participants of the program will allow you to decrypt iPhone firmware — the software that underlies the greater part of the functionality of the device.

Besides being more secure, Apple can be other reasons for transferring their devices to third-party specialists. One of them is the intention to stop leaks of prototypes of gadgets in the development stage. As he wrote to Vice, it has in recent years helped the hackers to hack the iPhone. Participants of its program, Apple reviews and is likely to retain control over the devices it passes, indicates the American Forbes.

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