Paul Gorodnitsky – about how Tim cook is losing the media war with Asian competitors.

Ten years ago Apple was in the wildest Prime. Every news about any jailbreak or unlock brought hundreds of thousands of views – and that’s no exaggeration. Fans were constantly shared with each other iPhone applications, telling how to install, crack and update. For those who at least once held in the hands of the smartphone from Apple, the rest of the mobile market immediately ceased to exist.

This situation in the media market lasted 3-4 years. In those days, any insider or the usual rumor about the new iPhone are going to times more clicks than a post about a new device from Sony, HTC or LG. The popularity of Samsung gadgets too, was peculiar. If it was about the next flagship, people don’t care, but if the author wrote how many millions of dollars Apple sued the Korean for patent infringement, the text immediately became a hit.

It was not only in Russia but also worldwide. Publishers get clicks, and Apple got free advertising and free attention of journalists. Even if the material was filled with criticism, comments still came fans and prove to other users that the iPhone is the best invention in history.

And then the game suddenly joined the Chinese and changed everything.

Go to any thematic resource, originally dedicated to Apple. Yes, there will be notes about Tim cook, capitalization cupertinos brand and even about the new iPhone.

But between them there are dozens of posts about the new cheap device (scooter, powerbank) Xiaomi, plans Samsung to release another flagship and about the fact that the market is a powerful smartphone from Huawei.

This happened for two reasons.

First, competitors are objectively caught up – now the gap between iPhone and other smartphones far less than even 5-6 years ago. But the price difference remains the same, so people are interested to learn how to spend 300 $ instead of 600, taking a decent Android device.

Secondly, relax Apple. Smartphones realizada times per year (2016 – exception), and it is too rare for 2018. It is clear that now the company is still in order and sales, and media attention, but Tim cook can not understand: if you continue to present new devices so rarely, Apple pushed from the throne.

The Corporation is doing nothing to about it wanted to write and say. Now the strategy is this: two major events a year (summer and autumn), one spontaneous premiere is not the most important gadget (e.g. iPad) and a few commercials that no one is looking. Well, that’s enough.

With smartphones, the situation’s kind of sad. For two springs in a row, Tim cook has diverted attention from the new Galaxy has a very peculiar way – announces red iPhone. Again: 10 years ago fans would’ve met these bright gadgets with squeals and delight, and now the RED model will not cause any emotions. So if in 2017 the iPhone in a new color yet caused any resonance, now about him talked for a couple of days and forgot. This is despite the fact that the iPhone 8 Plus looks a lot cooler than “seven”.

Fading the hype around Apple is especially noticeable if you compare year to year.

2015 – a lot of gossip around the iPhone 6s.

2016 – more or less live discussion, how will the iPhone 7.

2017 – daily leaks of iPhone edge-to-edge.

What now? In General, all already got used that there are no revolutions from Apple already can not wait. So why waste time on gossip and concepts? Better to read something more specific and papulezne – say, about a new backpack Xiaomi.

More recently, however, Apple could easily pull the blanket hype for themselves. It was just a strain and in the spring and summer to announce this unfortunate iPhone SE2, who have been waiting for and fans of the company, and ordinary users who wanted to purchase a powerful, compact and inexpensive product.

But no – Apple has clamped the second generation SE, upsetting fans and scaring a lot of potential users. It’s a mistake, Tim cook has not shown the flexibility and foresight that was required of him.

The obvious fact that in the coming Apple definitely will go on two or three smartphone release, posted with the seasons. Otherwise it can be easy to drown in intosome issued by others, no less ambitious and much more productive corporations.


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