MOSCOW, 11 Oct — PRIME. Apple

Inc. agreed to hire more than 300 engineers, one of its key suppliers based in Europe Dialog Semiconductor PLC. This will happen as part of the transaction at $ 600 million, which will strengthen the business of Apple development chips, according to Dow Jones.

Dialog on Thursday morning said that under the deal, Apple will take to your state for a group of engineers of Dialog which has been developing chips for the company. This group represents about 16% of the total headcount Dialog.

Dialog the statement pointed out that Apple will pay the Dialog $ 300 million in cash and pay the Deposit of 300 million dollars for the products of Dialog which needs to be developed in 3 years. Under the deal, Apple also would gain control of some of the Dialog in Italy, Germany and the UK.

The deal with Dialog is one of the biggest for Apple in terms of acquiring new staff. The purchase of assets and key personnel at start-UPS and suppliers or buying entire companies for the distribution channels and emerging technologies are not uncommon in the technology industry.

However, the deal with the Dialog still stands out from this series. In the largest acquisition in its history — the purchase of Beats Electronics for $ 3 billion committed in 2014 — Apple got about 700 new employees.

Years Apple uses chips Dialog to control the time-battery life iPhone. According to an informed source, in recent years she began to hire their own experts for power management. In addition, it is increasingly developing a chip to optimize the power of their devices operating together with the components Dialog.

“Our relations with the Dialog began during the first iPhone and we are hoping to maintain these long-standing ties,” said johnny Srouji, senior Vice President of worldwide technology hardware.

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