Apple engineers are planning to use a TFT backplane LTPO in future iPhone models. This was announced by the publication IHS Markit.

The new technology will significantly reduce the amount of energy consumed by the smartphone display. The backplane is responsible for enabling and disabling individual pixels, and also plays an important role in determining the resolution of the display and forming the refresh rate of the screen.

Apple has filed several patent applications related to technology LTPO. IHS experts believe that the Corporation will employ new Board in order to modify the Samsung. For example, to simplify the structure of the display to reduce the power consumption of individual elements of the screen.

In this case, Apple will have to increase the number of pixels to the use of new technologies to maintain the high resolution screens.

In theory, LTPO TFT can reduce energy costs from 5 to 15%. According to rumors, Apple has asked component suppliers to produce new displays for hours just to try them out. Then they will appear in the iPhone. As was the case with OLED panels.


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