This year Apple has equipped its flagship smartphone advanced basic cameras with three lenses. According to recent reports, iPhone 12 the trend will continue. Cupertinos will continue not only to modify the software, but to work with the hardware of the cameras. In particular, to modify lenses.

As reported by network sources, the iPhone 12 to appear family optics with plastic lens. This decision should increase the aperture ratio of the lens and have a positive impact on the quality of shooting in the dark.

It should be noted that some manufacturers already use the cameras of their smartphones, the system of the seven or even eight lenses. For example, such solutions can be found in 10 Xiaomi Mi Note and Mi Note Pro 10. Therefore, the cupertinos will not be pioneers. However, from experience we can say that Apple somehow modify the system.

Judging by the latest data, now cupertinos are actively engaged in improving the photo capabilities of its smartphones, namely to improve the quality of shooting in difficult conditions. At the end of last week it became known that Apple has acquired the British developer of algorithms for image processing Spectral Edge.


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