Moscow, October 10 — “to Lead. Economy”Apple will release a headset of augmented reality in mass production in the fourth quarter of this year to release it by the beginning of 2020, reported analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, known for his accurate insights about Apple.

As Kuo reports, in the first half of 2020 will be released just four devices: iPhone SE 2, iPad Pro with 3D sensor, a MacBook with a keyboard mechanism “scissor” type, as well as augmented reality glasses.

For the release of AR glasses, the company is already working with suppliers — thus, the Assembly of the rim will engage a Chinese manufacturer Changying Precision. In September, the mention of AR headset was discovered in the code of the software Apple. Likely, points will be interfaced with iPhone and broadcast piece of information with him.

Previously, the iOS Steve Trouton Smith found attached to the GM-version of iOS 13 the README file, which describes the system shell StarBoard, intended for augmented reality applications. Also there’s mention of a device codenamed Garta. It is believed that under this name hides augmented reality glasses Apple.

As noted by 9to5Mac and MacRumors, Garta, Luck, Franc and HoloKit — all these code names had noticed before in the internal builds of iOS 13. But now, as noted by Steve Trouton Smith and other well-known developer Guillermo Rambo, they somehow got into a semi-public, developer-oriented, and even in the GM version of iOS 13.

The document explicitly States that Apple is testing a device code named Garta Also, there are clear instructions for developers who want to test their AR apps in stereo. In particular, the need to include a mode “worn” instead of “held”.

Ming-Chi Kuo notes that the AR glasses from Apple will be sold as an accessory for the iPhone, first and foremost, they will play the role of the additional display, displaying a variety of information from smartphone. Through this model the company will make the headset compact and lightweight.

Kuo previously reported that the 2nd generation iPhone SE will have a resemblance to the iPhone 8, but this model will get modern stuffing, including the A13 processor and 3 gigabytes of RAM. A new model of the iPad Pro will be equipped with a ToF sensor, which will enable the tablet to precisely measure the distance to objects. Thanks to the 3D laser-camera performance augmented reality applications will significantly improve. Leave both devices in the I quarter of 2020 the following.

Target audience SE 2 iPhone is the iPhone 6, which does not want to pay more for such functions iPhone 11, as multi-chamber modules or Face ID. The new model, says Kuo, will take on the role of productive device that will be supported and updated for a long time and will be compatible with all the modern features of the iOS and new services like Apple Arcade.

Given the more affordable prices of the novelty, which will be at the level of the cost of iPhone 8 (about $450), its appearance can be a key factor for the growth of the company’s sales next year, as according to Kuo forecast the volume of deliveries iPhone SE2 in 2020 will reach 30-40 million units. This is almost equal to the iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, Apple that Apple sold from October 2018 through June 2019.

Information about the intention of Apple to release a new cheaper iPhone in the next year confirmed by other sources. In particular, it wrote to the Economic Daily News, Nikkei Asian Review and Bloomberg.

Over glasses augmented reality works and Facebook — during the event, Oculus Connect 6 largest social network said it is actively working on AR glasses, planning to create a 3D model of the planet, which would allow users to live in enhanced interactive spaces.

Headset and glasses AR will use these pre-created high-precision 3D-card, not to reconstruct every time the user’s environment in real time. This will ensure, for example, virtual teleportation and will provide in advance the information collected on nearby objects and locations.

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