Brand new service from Apple on the way!

Apple is preparing its own streaming TV service to launch. According to sources from The Information, Apple intends to launch a service for watching movies and TV series in mid-April 2019. Some of the content in the service will be free for users of Apple devices but will be offered and paid subscription for all movies, series and TV shows.

In the TV service will be available many of the content and production of Apple and third-party companies. It is reported that Apple has partnered with HBO and STARZ. Thus, in the new TV service will be available for the most popular TV shows, like “Game of thrones”.

It is noteworthy that the last season of “Game of thrones” starts on April 14. It is not excluded that Apple is planning to launch a TV service in time for the start of the final season of one of the most popular TV shows in history.

Sources emphasize that the original new TV service from Apple will be launched only in the United States. But in 2019 he will earn more than 100 countries, by analogy with the musical Apple Music service.

Apple will offer all holders of its devices free access to a part of content of the service. The company also will provide an opportunity for a paid monthly subscription that will provide access to all films, series and TV shows. How much would cost such a subscription is currently unknown. But it is expected that in Russia the subscription fee for the service will be much less than in most countries.

Apple may announce the launch of its TV service at this year’s first presentation, which should take place in March.

Source: The Information.


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