The authors of the publication The Information, citing sources familiar with the situation reported that Apple will launch its new service, music videos, serials and films in the first half of next year. First access the online cinema will be residents of the United States. However, a few months after the opening of the video service cupertinos plans to launch it in other regions.

According to The Information, the owners of Apple devices will be able to use the video service Apple free. At least the first time. But it is possible that later Apple will introduce a subscription to certain content or the entire service as a whole.

In addition, sources report that Apple is now negotiating with many major content providers and TV companies, offering them to place their shows and videos in a new service. It is not excluded that in different regions, users can have different content and different versions of subscriptions.

Separately, experts note that the new Apple services may be made available not only to owners of iPhone, iPad, Apple TV and Mac. Thus, Apple will be able to attract significantly more users and immediately begin to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime.


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