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Over the past few years, regularly appear rumors that Apple intends to launch a “Netflix killer” — its own streaming service for viewing TV shows, movies, and TV shows. And, it seems, Apple is preparing to launch such a service. Today checked the insider publication the Information said that Apple’s streaming video service will be launched in 2019 from 100 countries, including Russia.

According to insiders, the streaming video service Apple will offer users access to diverse content. Users will be able to watch TV, TV shows, series and films. The service will be a direct competitor to such services as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime Video. In addition, Apple will offer its own unique content, which the company is actively developing lately.

According to released information, the new service will be free for all owners of Apple technology. However, some of the content in the service will be available by subscription only, the cost of which is currently not specified.

If the subscription fee service you will, it of Russian users to expect low prices. For Russia, Apple offers a reduced-cost entertainment services. For example, Apple Music in Russia is estimated at only 169 per month, whereas in most countries it is necessary to pay more than 600 rubles.

Apple’s new video service will be launched in the first half of 2019. Initially the service will work in the US, but Apple will launch it in 100 countries.

Source: The Information.


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