Experts of the analytical company IDC forecast that the market of wearable electronics will continue to grow. By the end of this year, cumulative sales of wearable devices will reach 222,9 million, and next year – to overcome the bar to 302 million. The majority of sales should come in Apple gadgets.

Experts predict that until at least 2023, the Apple company will be able to retain the title of leader of the market of wearable devices. Moreover, the share of Apple company should remain approximately at the same level as now – 25-26%. Recall that in the first quarter of this year cupertinos controlled 25.8% of the global market for wearable devices.

IDC analysts noted that the demand for smart watches and wireless earphones in the next few years will only grow, and the market will be new players. While user interest in various fitness bracelets will remain approximately at the same level as now.

Finally, experts IDC reported that in the near future, major manufacturers of wireless headphones will cease to pay attention to sound quality. That tendency is observed already now. Instead, producers will focus on additional opportunities which are linked to health monitoring.


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